Who We’ve Helped

We enjoy helping people of every industry, all roles, and both private and public sectors. We‘ve had the pleasure of being able to do so in companies both big and small. We protect our clients confidentiality in every way. Instead of listing logos, here is what they tell us after working with us.

  • “You were great. I’ve take 3 or 4 classes of this type from Dale Carnegie to employer based ones and you by far were the best. I’m coming back. I think you can help me be way more then I thought possible.”


    Financial Advisor

  • “Speak by Design programs consistently rank high on user feedback. I wouldn't consider anybody else for our executive coaching sessions.”


    Consulting Company

  • “Wanted to let you know right away that I made Partner. I couldn't have done it without you. You've been inspirational, technical, and softly critical when needed ;). I often try to imagine how you would do it when I have a challenging leadership moment.”


    Consulting Company

  • “My sincere appreciation to Speak by Design. You have made a very important positive impact and strongly positioned me for this promotion to CEO.”



  • “After my presentation, my colleagues were very congratulatory, and the customer thanked me for the remarks. The colleague, who had been in the presentation the day before, asked if I had any formal speaking training. I told him briefly what I had been doing with Speak by Design, and he said it has paid off. He also left a 5 minute voicemail of my accomplishments for my boss and the Chairman of our Board. He commended me to them for my decision to take on public speaking through private coaching.”


    Chemical Corporation

  • “The Speak by Design work helped me become more successful in my job and career, and enhanced my executive image and communication. I highly recommend Speak by Design for anybody interested in refining or improving presentation skills, verbal and body language communication and other soft skills (assertiveness, self-confidence, etc). Working with Speak by Design was a life changing experience for the better.”


    Telecommunications Company

  • “Speak by Design was amazing to work with. My coach pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and I appreciate that so much. I still use the lessons and exercises I learned. I recommend Speak by Design whenever I have a friend who says they need coaching in this area. I consider them the gold standard.”


    Food Manufacturing

  • “I've just been promoted to a VP position at my company, and I give credit to Speak by Design’s coaching. I wouldn’t be here without it. Your services were well worth the investment!”


    Software Company

  • “I just returned from a 5-day leadership training, and I received more value in one private coaching session with you. Thank you so much. Priceless.”


    Property Management

  • “The coaching and skills I learned has been extremely valuable. My manager has said several times that he has never seen so much progress in so little time. And yes, I got promoted only a few months after completing the training.”


    Marketing Professional